MEPs Ignore Cruelty of Horse Transportation

February 12, 2010

Good Result

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405 MEPs out of a total of 736 have signed the Written Declaration, over 50% therefore sufficient for it to be adopted.

Adopted Notice


January 31, 2010

MEPs Ignore Written Declaration 54/2009

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Why are so many MEPs ignoring this Declaration?

In countries that have a strong equine economy such as Ireland, Germany, France and the Netherlands the percentage of MEPs who have signed is shameful.

Every year, 100,000 horses are transported across Europe for slaughter.

These cruel and barbaric journeys have to be stopped. There is no reason for this live transport to continue when horses can be slaughtered at source and transported as carcasses.

It is extremely urgent we contact our MEPs before the 11th February to ask them to sign the Written Declaration 54/2009.

If more than half of all MEPs sign this before 11th February 2010, we will be one step closer to ending these brutal and hugely inappropriate journeys.

If less than half of the MEPs support the Declaration it will fail, weakening the case for new laws ending the long-distance transportation of horses to slaughter in the European Union.

Please take a few minutes to write to your MEPs who have not yet signed so we can end these needless long haul journeys of horses to slaughter. We have downloadable copies of the letter in both French and English below.

On the right hand side of this blog, there is a list of countries. Click on your country, and the MEPs who have not signed are in bold with their email addresses live.

Please do this, your effort could be the difference that changes an opinion, and the future for these horses.

MEP letter French

MEP letter UK

The information on here is as up to date as possible. If you know of any MEPs on the list who have subsequently signed, please leave a comment and we will amend accordingly.

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